Why spend your money on building something without knowing what it will be like?

Here at Silver Street Architects, we listen to what you want. It's our job to hear how you want to live,
and then give that to you. We will make your dream house both comfortable and aesthetically beautiful.

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To answer this question, noted architectural scholar Francis D. K. Ching draws this analogy:

One must know and understand the alphabet before words can be formed and a vocabulary developed; one must understand the rules of grammar and syntax before sentences can be constructed; one must understand the principles of composition before essays, novels and the like can be written. Once these elements are understood, one can write poignantly or with force.

The architect therefore needs,

...to understand the basic elements of architectural form and space, to understand how they can be manipulated in the development of a design concept, and realize the visual implications in the implementation of a design solution.