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Having had such a good experience with Dan Wezniak and Silver Street Architects on the conversion or a residential building for commercial use in 2004-05, I hired him for the renovation of a house that I bought subsequently in 2006.

I had found a house in a perfect location on a beautiful lot near the center of town. While the house met my basic requirements and had many good features, I was very unhappy with the house's exterior façade. I felt that the lines of the structure were bland lacking the architectural details needed to give the house's exterior the same charm and grace that were evident on the interior.

After communicating some of my ideas and concerns to Dan, he was able to completely transform the aesthetics of the house's exterior and added the character, charm and distinctiveness it needed, without major reconstruction or changing the house's basic style. He accomplished this by changing some of the roof lines and adding features like gables, bump-outs and ornamental architectural features that made a world of difference. The house now has color, character and a classic style that I love and is admired by everyone in the neighborhood who has witnessed its transformation. The house does not have a "renovated" look, but the classic look of a house that was beautifully designed from the start.

With creative changes that were minimally intrusive, Dan Wezniak was able to achieve a complete transformation, while still retaining the basic structure and style of my home. I am extremely pleased with his work, and with the professionalism that he has exhibited throughout the project. I am happy to recommend him and his firm.

Very truly yours,
Mary C. Casey