I dont want my addition to look like one!

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Caroline S. was emphatic about this.

We knew what she meant. Too often, an unplanned addition looks like a "lick and stick" job: tacking on a hurriedly-made box to the back of a house, installing a glass room that clashes wildly with the style of a beautiful old New England house. That's not us.

We worked with Caroline to choose the exact changes that would fulfill her needs—space, light, beauty—without changing the essential nature of her home. She was thrilled with our work and happy in her new-old home.

You are entitled to more than a lick and stick job. We believe that an addition should be a seamless continuation of your home. Silver Street Architects creates additions, renovations, and expansions that have architectural integrity, practicality, and beauty.

Architecture is art that you live in.
A statement about you.
A self-portrait.

Make yours a masterpiece.