Our Commercial Services

Commercial spaces come in all sizes and shapes. You have close ties to your commercial business. Here in Northborough, those ties are often to family. Silver Street Architects has helped many small, family-run businesses grow and expand into new facilities—easily, painlessly, and economically.

Sometimes this involves a change of use, from, say, office space to retail space. Lowe's Variety and Meat Shop here in Northborough is a good example. Lowe's has been a fixture in Northborough center for many years; it's a family-run business that relies on word of mouth and its connections to the neighborhood. Moving into a new location away from its old familiar haunts seemed a risk. They didn't need to worry about the details of a change of use plan, or a tenant fit-up.

We at Silver Street Architects stepped in and made their transition a smooth one. Now they occupy a facility that is an improvement on their old building, while retaining all the things that made them part of the community in the first place. We liked working with Tom on his project because it is a family business; to be a part of this relocation decision and to be able to support it makes us very happy.

Silver Street Architects has performed this kind of service for many other local commercial clients, such as:

  • Memory Bakery, Northborough
  • Central Communications, Northborough
  • Teamworks, Northborough
  • Northborough Desi Super Market, Northborough
  • Boston Biomedical Associates, Northborough
  • JJ's Sports Bar and Grill, Northborough
  • Britney's Café, Northborough
  • First Congregation Church, Millbury
  • Oxbow Variety, Charlton