Public Buildings

What would happen if a child was injured at his school because of a possible building code violation? The school system becomes liable. That is not good for the school system's reputation or their financial situation, and although that constitutes a big incentive for public administrators to keep their buildings to code, that is a small consideration compared to the safety of that child. Northborough Public School administrators are very conscientious about keeping schools safe. Silver Street Architects have always felt it is very important to support Northborough in their efforts to maintain code of all their public facilities.

We offer the following Construction Administration services to the town of Northborough:

  • Reviewing bids
  • Monitoring work
  • Review payment requests
  • Architectural Consultation

Here are some of Northborough's public buildings for which we have provided service:

  • Zee School: We provided the architectural stamp on design of Timeout Rooms
  • Lincoln Street: We performed a code review of egress doors
  • Peasley School: We reviewed and monitored the construction documents
    for a new roof
  • Jefferson School: We performed an egress review
It is important to us to support the changes that are happening to our public buildings in Northborough. We have enjoyed earning the trust of our public officials, who know that they can rely on us to ensure that our public buildings are safe.   —Dan